-Matilija SYH Site

Address/Phone Info
Matilija Junior High School
703 El Paseo Road
Ojai, CA 93023-2499
(805) 640-4355

East Boundary, 275′ by South Boundary 115′ = 31,625′

Google Maps link to SYH site


Below is PDF file of the Matilija SYH Plan (#3)

Matilija SYH Design3.pdf

The mulch path on north slope is 535 sq. ft,  and the DG path will be 600 sq. ft at 4′ width and 8′ for circle in center.

Total native plant landscape area is approx 10, 000 sq. ft.

Annual weeds identified on the Matilija SYH site in March, 2011 include:

Prickly Sow Thistle
Filaree-White stemmed or Storks Bill
Burr Clover

Later, we found Mustard and Shepherds Purse.