174452_742473118_3368155_n     This website was started in 2011 by Renee Roth after learning about  a US Fish & Wildlife grant opportunity to create a Schoolyard Habitat (SYH) The site is located at Matilija Junior High School  in Ojai, CA on 2/3 acre of disturbed soil.  The area had been treated with herbicides to control weeds and was overrun with gophers and gopher holes, so it was not safe to use.

The first site preparation workday was held on October 1, 2011, with the second workday held on November 19, 2011.  Over 200 native plants were planted with students and community volunteers on February 3 & 4,  2012.  The project has been put on hold due the hiring of a new principal.

Renee Roth is committed to  bringing the community together around sustainable landscape practices that conserve water, reduce chemicals and promote watershed education in Ventura County. She is currently providing education and training on Ocean Friendly Gardens in Ventura and Santa Barbara County.

Contact Renee at MatilijaSYH@gmail.com.