-Volunteer or Donate

Yes, there is still much to do. . .

We  completed  “sheet mulching” and pathways on half of the site at Matilija Junior High, with over 200 CA natives planted on February 3 & 4th of 2012 (thank you US Fish and Wildlife for grant money to buy plants and with biologists who worked with students to get plants in the ground).  We also had help from the Green Goddess landscape company with ordering gopher baskets. We now have a shed to store tools and equipment, which was built by a parent volunteer with grant money from Lowe’s!

With each step, we need more and more hands. Are you ready to apply your passion, skills, and talents to help us beatify the campus and provide habitat for wildlife? We still need to get the drip irrigation installed, build a shade structurea seating area, a kiosk for announcements etc.    Do you have any oak trees that need trimming so you can donate wood chips, or cardboard boxes to be used for sheet mulching or some time?

Parents and friends can help us in our work through volunteering in any of the following areas :
Watering of plants and trees which were planted in February 2012
Administration/website work
Working with volunteers to do some weeding
Help us install the drip line soon!


Are you interested in learning more about growing native plants to save water? What types of plants grow in Ojai and what wildlife do they attract?  We have weeds that will need tending to, rocks that need to be moved, mulch that needs to be spread, and swales that need to be cut into the landscape  to allow water to run into the SYH site.  We need to set up volunteer training and organize monthly workdays. The Schoolyard Habitat offers a variety of volunteer opportunities in the areas of educational programs, conservation, propagation, garden maintenance, and more. You can have a fulfilling experience while helping to further the Schoolyard Habitat’s mission of conservation, education and developing habitat. No experience is required, but as we give time and work together we learn about native plants, weeds, mulch, irrigation,  solarization of bermuda grass, water retention etc.  where we learn by doing.  Also, we meet people in the Ojai community who we might not normally get a chance to meet.

Donate Tools or Supplies or Expertise

We need to find community members with construction experience who can help with creating a shade structureand a seating area.

FUND Raising

You can donate money to help us buy plants, mulch, equipment etc
Click below to make a tax deductible donation (not available yet).