Wholistic Tree Care – Dr Lee Klinger

Dr Klinger has focused on soil health for protecting trees,  taking time to watch, understand historical context and native peoples traditions.  He understood that fire is essential for maintaing minerals in healthy soils.  Without fire, acid builds up in soil.  Acidic soil has less nutrients available.  Raking to remove leaves reduce minerals in the soils.  The oldest part of tree is most susceptible to disease.  Nothing should touch the base of tree, which is the most susceptible part of the tree as an avenue for pathogens.  Cracks in bark are a clear sign of mineral deficiency, and are entry points for pathogens.

It is important to treat the whole organism and environment–start with soils and bark. Treatment methodology:  Azomite (volcanic ash:contains about 75  elements besides N-P-K), a soil sweetener (has azomite plus 50% of its is CaCO3 ),  treatment underneath dripline of tree. Don’t use Magnesium unless indicated.  Spread compost over tree line, water in the Azomite.

More info at http://suddenoaklifeorg.wordpress.com