Keller Williams provides many “helping hands” for the Matilija Schoolyard Habitat!

Early in the morning on Thursday May 10, Keller Williams agents/colleagues volunteered for Red Shirt Day to provide a “helping hand” with the native plant garden at Matilija Junior High Schoolyard Habitat (SYH). They came to Ojai from Oxnard, Ventura, and Camarillo with about 50 eager volunteers, then 10 more showed up . . then maybe another 10 . . . it WAS amazing! Their energetic and spirited help, coordinated by Renee Roth, focused on weeding the entire 2/3 acre site, along with “sheet mulching” the Phase 1 and Phase 2 areas of the SYH. Their efforts will help prepare the site by suppressing weeds and improving the soil in preparation for planting the Meadow Garden and Chumash Garden in the Fall, 2012.

Sheet mulching is the process where cardboard and mulch are applied, along with water, to create a barrier that gets rid of weeds using no herbicides. The moist barrier keeps sunlight out to stop photosynthesis of the weeds. The weeds decompose and provide nutrients to the soil, which can begin retaining moisture, replicating the process of what happens in a healthy habitat. This requires six to 8 inches of mulch, which initially must be watered in, and then kept moist to support the decomposition process.

Many Thanks for your committed and hard working crew!

Renee Roth is a green educator who helped secure grant funding from US Fish & Wildlife and others to develop the site as a Schoolyard Habitat. The SYH provides an opportunity to get students outdoors to learn and explore wildlife in a natural setting on school grounds.

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Agents taking a break to call their clients!