Ojai Valley Land Conservancy’s Wild about Ojai on Chumash Ethnobotany event is free to students.

Hello All,
FYI, another opportunity to learn about Chumash people and their use of native plants.

Chumash Ethnobotany by Jan Timbrook
WILD ABOUT OJAI: Environmental Learning Series
Saturday, FEB. 11th, 10 AM‐ 12 PM at the OVLC Office, 370 W Baldwin Road, Bldg. A4
“Appreciation of Chumash people’s lives and cultures requires some understanding of their relationship to the environment in which they lived. Food, medicine, raw materials for making clothing, shelter, all kinds of tools and utensils, religious paraphernalia, and other items essential to existence – all these things were derived in a fairly direct way from the natural world. And, in one way or another, virtually everything Chumash people made and used involved plants. Plants truly were everywhere in Chumash life, not only in daily activities but also in thought, philosophy and ways of viewing the world. How people thought about plants, named, classified them, and wove stories around them – these are just as fundamental part of culture as how they usedthem.” Jan Timbrook, author of Chumash Ethnobotany.

Join Jan Timbrook for a fascinating exploration of how the Chumash people used and thought about plants. An anthropologist and ethnobotanist, Jan is Curator of Ethnobotany at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. She has been with the museum for more than thirty five years and is one of the top experts in Chumash studies. She has collaborated on four books, and has authored a dozen scientific papers on topics ranging from Chumash herbal medicine to environmental management.
This Wild about Ojai event is free to members and students and $10 for non‐members. Become a member today! A family membership is just $35 per year. For more information contact Marti Reid at martior 649‐6852 ext. 2.