Weeds, Guardians of the Soil

Weeds, Guardians of the Soil.

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I have spoken to our director and he does have some recommendations however there is not an easy answer to this situation.  They would need to start taking care of the soil via compost, compost tea and SoluPlks (humic acid).  It is not enough to just stop the chemicals.  If your only able to do one thing he recommends using SoluPlks (humic acid) at 2 gallons an acre.  Nothing is going to kill the weeds except something like Round up.  This will rather start to shift the soil to a more fungal system.  Another good idea is to aerate the ground and pull the weeds by hand or mow them before they go to seed.  If you are able to aerate the ground, put down a good fungal compost and add 2 gallons per acre of SoluPlks you will see a big improvement.  If anyone brews compost tea that is a huge help as well.  Five gallons of tea for every 10,000 square feet is the application rate for tea.

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Chandra Wyatt

Operations Manager

Soil Foodweb / Earth Fortification

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ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: fractionated organic acids and natural derivatives.


-Natural, organic, and biodegradable ingredients

-Faster action with amplified number of functional groups (carboxylate and amine groups) that may complex Phosphates, Potassium, Sulfates, and the micronutrients and enhance their availability for the plants and micro-organisms.

-Highly effective as soil and leaf tissue penetrant.

-Very stable at low pH (less than 1)

-Concentrated SOLU-PLKS 15X can stabilize up to 15 gallons of concentrated phosphate products (Phosphoric acid, 10-34 or 3-18-18).

-Excellent Mark-Out product for furrow application.

-Excellent complexing agent for foliar fertilizers

-Contains no residues.

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Solu-plks is an excellent microbial <fungus) stimulator in the soil, in compost and compost tea. It also releases mineral nutrients in the soil by providing an opposite charge for minerals that are electrically attracted to each other and bound up. Solu-plks will significantly reduce the P and K requirements by as much as 50% and reduce Nitrogen needs by 25%; it will also increase Ca, Mg, S, availability and make the trace (micronutrient) elements much more plant available. By using what is already present in most soils, you greatly reduce the need to buy more off-farm fertilizers. Crop yields and quality increases even with less fertilizer inputs. Solu-plks is crucial for foliar spray product to keep the mineral nutrients available so the plant can absorb them through the leaf tissue. Solu-plks will increase the efficiency of any nutrient program, soil or foliar, and will last throughout the crucial growing period of most crops. Generally applied once a year at the beginning of the season at the rate of 1 gallon or 2 gallons per acre, depending on the crop, is adequate for most all soil applications. 1 pint to 1 quart per acre is added to foliar sprays depending on the crop and foliage mass. Solu-plks has a very high absorption rate when applied to the foliage and plant response is much faster through the leaf than root. It will increase microbial presence in the soil and on the leaf tissue to increase protection and aid in nutrient cycling. Solu-plks has an organic certification and is non toxic to microbes, plants, animals and humans. Solu-plks contains some 75 plus mineral elements and fractionated organic acids and other natural derivatives along with more than 35% organic matter. Excellent for fruits, berries, nuts, vineyards, grazing, forage, vegetable and row crop production and well as flowers, lawns and landscape plants.

Jason Berry

This product is amazing in respect to making nutrients availble. Good additive for compost tea also.